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The Denison Organisational Culture Analysis PDF Print E-mail
Written by David G Broadbent   

The link between organisational culture and bottom-line performance measures should be of interest to any business owner.

TransformationalSafety.Com, in partnership with The Leadership College, promotes the Denison Organisational Culture Assessment Survey as an exploratory tool which can bring important interrelationships to the foreground, making it easier for business owners and decision-makers to focus on what needs to be done for optimal growth and profitability. As would be expected the unique advantage of sourcing the Denison Organisational Culture Analysis via TransformationalSafety.Com is the fact that the survey results are put through the TransformationalSafety.Com cultural lens; ensuring that such growth and profit opportunities do not appear at the cost of workplace safety outcomes.

The Denison Organisational Culture Model is based on a series of studies conducted over a 15-year period on over 1,000 organisations and 40,000 respondents. Denison was able to provide business with six tangible performance touchstones:

bluearrow Profitability
bluearrow Innovation
bluearrow Sales Growth
bluearrow Quality
bluearrow Market Share
bluearrow Employee Satisfaction


Denison established a link between organisational culture and bottom-line performance measures based on four cultural traits that had a significant impact on organisational performance:

bluearrow Involvement
bluearrow Consistency
bluearrow Adaptability
bluearrow Mission


The circular profile displays these four traits and three indexes within each trait and provides a powerful graphic representation of an organisation's culture. Each of the four traits represents a central ideal about the determinants of organisational performance and effectiveness. The profile displays scores in quartiles and percentiles which compare an organisation's score to the higher and lower-performing organisations in Dr. Denison's research. Third and fourth quartile scores are those generally found in higher-performing organisations.

The model recognises that cultural traits, managerial behaviours, and even organisational strategies can all be linked to a core set of beliefs and assumptions about the organisation and its environment. These core beliefs and assumptions lie at the heart of an organisation's culture. In the Denison Organisational Culture Model, these core beliefs and assumptions are summarised in terms of four main cultural "traits" that appear, through research, to have an impact on organisational performance.

These underlying traits are expressed in terms of a set of management practices -- concrete activities that are linked to the four culture traits. These practices both stem from and also reinforce the dominant beliefs, values, and assumptions of the organisation. These managerial practices were measured using the twelve survey indexes that make up the model.


bluearrow Enables leaders, key stakeholders and employees to understand the impact their culture has on their organisations performance and learn how to redirect their culture to improve organisational effectiveness.
bluearrow Benchmark your organisation's culture against other cultures in higher and lower performing organisations.
bluearrow Administer the survey to various departments and workgroups to examine the organisation's sub-cultures
bluearrow Measure your organisation's existing culture and predict its impact on performance.
bluearrow Implement suggested action steps for tangible performance improvement.
bluearrow Determine organisational development and training needs necessary for culture change.

Feel free to contact TransformationalSafety.Com and we shall explore an intervention that adds value to your investment by integrating the Denison Organisational Culture Analysis into your developmental program.

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