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Curriculum Vitae 



A highly experienced and innovative corporate and counselling psychologist who has synthesised these frameworks into a value adding experience for a large and varied customer base. David is very focused upon the needs of his customers and this is evidenced by a business that continues to prosper within a referral network created by customer satisfaction.

David has highly developed interpersonal and groupwork skills and this has resulted in recognition both nationally and internationally for his pragmatic ability to deliver the most complex information in an entertaining and successful style.

David’s expertise in the world of occupational safety is highly regarded and he is regularly sought after as a speaker at conference venues and corporate events throughout the World.

David is the Creator of the internationally recognised Transformational Safety Model and regularly assists organisations assess and develop their safety management systems toward world’s Best Practice.

Skills Summary
  • Metallurgist, in a “past life”, makes David one of the very few Safety Psychologist’s in the world with such a powerful industrial history.
  • Highly experienced Groupwork Facilitator.
  • Demonstrated Program Development skills within a variety of industrial environments.
  • Leadership Development and Change Management strategist within organisational settings.
  • Developed and implemented the POWER© Management Systems; an integrated management skillset collection.
  • Development and provision of Safety Management Systems for both domestic and international consumption.
  • Creator of the SAFE-T-NET Technologies; which is an integrated suite of safety products that place safety system development within an empirically based psycho- behavioural framework – and in multiple languages as well!
  • Creator of the SAFE-T-SOS Psycho-Behavioural Safety Systems; one of the most highly integrated BBS platforms available, and fundamentally grounded within the Transformational Safety Leadership (TSL) framework.
  • Internationally recognised as one of the foremost commentators on Full Range Leadership and associations with corporate and safety outcomes.
  • Industrial history and a pragmatic ability to relate within all levels of an organisation; from the Stock Room to the Board Room.
  • Industry leader in the development of Trauma Recovery Solutions within organisational frameworks.
  • Experienced presenter to both small groups and large convention centres.
Career Highlights
  • Director of Strategic Management Systems; a customer focused organisational psychology practice.
  • Development of a trauma education package for one of Australia’s largest multi-national corporations.
  • Creator of The Transformational Safety System©; the World’s only integrated safety culture assessment system incorporating Transformational Leadership© Theory.
  • Creator of the SAFE-T-NET Technologies; a fully integrated multi-lingual relationship-based safety development system.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Psych-Hons)
  • Diploma in OH&S
  • Certificate IV in Assessment & Workplace Training
  • Advanced Trauma Specialist – International Critical Incident Stress Foundation
  • Advanced Coach – MLQ Leadership Development Systems
Society Memberships
  • Fellow – International Safety Quality Environment Management Association
  • Fellow – Australian Institute of Management
  • Member – Australian Association of Psychologists
  • Member – Society of Petroleum Engineers
  • Member – International Association of Coaches
  • Member – International Critical Incident Stress Association
  • Member – Australasian Military Medicine Association
Employment History

Managing Director – Strategic Management Systems Pty Ltd

Incorporating: Transformational Safety  – Integrated Safety Culture Analysis and Solutions
DG Broadbent & Associates – Organisational and Counselling Psychologists

Key Deliverables: Leadership Development

  • Designed the Lead to Succeed© Program – An outcome oriented leadership development program incorporating Full Range Leadership principles.
  • Developed Good to Greater© – The Asia-Pacific’s first experiential workshop incorporating the seminal works of Jim Collins’ Good to Great.
  • Developed Project to Success© – A Project Management education primer with particular emphasis upon integrated leadership competencies.
  • Created the ATLAS© Paradigm: A leadership competency framework for developmental coaching.
  • Developed the Transformational Safety Leadership (TSL) System – the world’s only safety specific leadership model founded within the transformational framework.

Safety Culture Analysis

  • Developed and implemented the Integrated Safety Culture Assessment© model drawing upon contemporary safety culture research.
  • Regularly provides strategic advice to both domestic and international clients in regard to safety enhancement programs.
  • Developed and provides a cross-cultural multi-lingual safety culture assessment system.
  • Created The Transformational Safety System©: The world’s first fully integrated safety culture enhancement system incorporating Full Range Leadership Theory.
  • Created the Process Safety Questionnaire (PSQ) – the World’s first integrated Process Safety perception survey instrument.

Occupational Health and Safety

  • Assisted a key regional employer reduce their workers compensation exposure from $1,200,000 to $60,000 across three (3) years.
  • Assisted a key regional employer improve their occupational injury return to work rate from 35% to 100% within a twelve (12) month cycle.
  • Developed an integrated EAP/Injury Management System for a high stress work environment which improved return to rates from 0% to >80% within a twelve (12) month cycle.
  • NSW Workcover accredited Rehabilitation Provider with the highest sustained Return to Work Rate for the preceding fifteen (15) years.
  • Has assisted global corporations with review and design of safety management systems.
  • Designed and implemented the globally recognised SAFE-T-NET Technologies – an internet-based safety system library targeted at maximising employee engagement with “The System”.
  • Internationally qualified to audit against ISO18001: Occupational Health Management System Development and Implementation.
  • Nationally qualified to audit against AS/NZS 4801:2001: Occupational health and safety management systems – Specification with guidance for use.


  • Foundation Member of the International Association of Coaches (IAC).
  • Regularly provide corporate interventions using industry recognised coaching frameworks; eg GROWE, ACHIEVE, and the IAC-15 Proficiencies.


  • Practicing Psychologist for almost thirty (30) years.
  • Developed the inaugural community based chronic pain management program for the Hunter Region.
  • Specialist service provider to past and present members of the Australian Defence Forces.

Risk Assessment

  • Development and implementation of Australia’s only risk management training programs based upon Operational Risk Management (ORM) principles: the risk management protocols utilised by the US Navy Seals.
  • Regularly conducts Risk Assessments/Incident Investigations for numerous organisations.

Trauma Management

  • Provider of Trauma Recovery Solutions throughout Australia
  • Advanced qualifications in Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)
  • Technical Adviser to the AMCOR Global Trauma Education Program – involved film scripting, on- camera involvement, and individual training of actors etc
  • Creation and publication of the “Managing Trauma in the Workplace” Employers Guide – individually licensed to workplaces.


Papers Presented

“Transforming Safety: The development of Positive Variance through the implementation of the HRO Hallmarks aligned with Psychological Safety”, SAACOSH Academy Conference, Emperors Palace, Gauteng, SOUTH AFRICA, 10th May 2023

“Where does all the bad stuff come from – advancing beyond swiss cheese to ……..”, SAACOSH Academy Safety Symposium, Kalahari Country Club, Northern Cape, SOUTH AFRICA, 5th  May  2023

“Employee Mental Health: Psychological Safety during the COVID19 Pandemic and beyond”, SAACOSH Academy “Vuka Vuca” Conference, Namakwari Lodge, Kathu, Northern Cape, SOUTH AFRICA, 8th April 2022

“Mental Health Impacts of COVID19: Implications toward safety performance”, Tata Best Practices in Safety & Health Conclave, TATA Business Excellence Group, Mumbai. INDIA, 15th – 16th March 2021

“Employee Mental Health: The critical role of Psychological Safety during the COVID19 Pandemic”,  OSH-CONNECT 2020, Holiday Inn, Kuala Lumpur. MALAYSIA, 26th – 27th October 2020

“Standing on the edge of the ledge: Integrating a vision for optimal safety solutions within a military environment”, Joint Logistics Command Work Health and Safety Conference, Sydney, Australia, 17th – 19th September 2019

 “SAFE-T-FOUR-ZERO Understanding the power of the 4th Industrial Revolution and how to integrate Industry 4.0 technologies as part of an optimal safety solution”, Vopak Safety Seminar Series, The Cutler Complex, Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa, 23rd July 2019

 “Safety Leadership and how it can leverage improvements in Safety Culture”, ASEAN HSE Excellence Conference, Conftech Asia, Westin Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 24th October 2018

“Building a Resilient Safety Culture – a Masterclass”, ASEAN HSE Excellence Conference, Conftech Asia, Westin Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 25th October 2018

“Accident Causation, Variation and Attitudinal Drift”, Annual Safety Symposium, Resources Division – The University of Newcastle, Callaghan Campus, Newcastle, Australia, 11th October 2018

“Transforming Safety Leadership and Culture within an Indian minerals extraction environment”, Minerals Division – TATA Steel, The United Club, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India, 23rd  – 24th August 2018

 “High Reliability, Drift and Resilience Engineering: Introducing leading-edge safety concepts within TATA”,  TATA Business Excellence Group, The Lake House – Tata Motors, Pune, India, 11th May 2018

“Transforming Safety Leadership and Culture within an Indian corporate enterprise”,  TATA Business Excellence Group, Tata Management Training Centre, Pune, India, 8th – 9th May 2018

“Uplifting Safety Culture within a South African construction environment”, The Stefanutti Stocks Safety Culture Symposia,  Kuiersaam Gastehuis, Secunda, South Africa, 17th – 18th May 2016

 “Building a Resilient Safety Culture”, The Monadelphous National Safety Conference, Western Australian International Conference & Convention Centre, PERTH, Western Australia, AUSTRALIA, 23rd July 2015

“The Anatomies of Disaster”. The Global HSE Conference, World Trade Centre, DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, 26th February 2015

“The application of Transformational Safety Leadership as a culture change vehicle within a multinational manufacturing environment”, The JM Huber Corporation, ATLANTA, UNITED STATES, 5th – 7th November 2013

 “The Influence of Human Factors in the Accident Causation Chain – The Need for a New Way”, The Cairn Energy Global HSE Conference, Taj Palace Hotel, NEW DELHI, INDIA, 26th September 2013

“Organizational resilience following a major disaster”, The Cairn Energy Global HSE Conference, Taj Palace Hotel, NEW DELHI, INDIA, 27th September 2013

Safety at the Sharper End: The application of the HRO Hallmarks to historical workplace disasters – processes which save lives”,  The 3rd Annual South African Academy for Occupational Safety and Health Conference, Emperors Palace, Kempton Park, SOUTH AFRICA, 17th  May 2013

 “The recognition of Human Error as a fundamental contributor within the accident causation process”, IRCA Global Oman Seminar Series, Crowne Plaza Hotel, MUSCAT, OMAN, 15th April 2013

Developing optimal behavioural safety within an Indian Oil Refinery – the application of Transformational Safety Leadership competencies”, Essar Oil, JAMNAGAR, INDIA, 20th  March 2013

Developing safety systems within emerging economies – The place of culture and Transformational Safety Leadership competencies”, Global Leadership Development Series, Duke – Corporate Education, The Langham Hotel, SHANGHAI, CHINA, 27th February 2013

The Process Safety Risk Management & Leadership Series”, Oil & Gas Skills, The Fairmont Hotel, Heliopolis, CAIRO, EGYPT, 14th – 17th January 2013

Take a Second Look – An Exploration of the simplicities of Human Error and their contribution to Workplace Failure States”,  Australian Foundry Institute National Conference, Crowne Plaza Hotel, COOGEE, AUSTRALIA 21st  – 25th October 2012

Transforming Safety Leadership: Using Science to Inform Leadership Competencies and reinforce Safety Culture Development”,  Safety Institute of Australia New South Wales Conference, Sydney Conference and Exhibition Centre, HOMEBUSH, AUSTRALIA, 23rd – 25th October 2012

SAFE-T-LEADER: The application of Transformational Safety Leadership (TSL) competencies within a multinational Indian operation”, ESSAR Projects, MUMBAI , INDIA, 19th October 2012

Transforming Safety Leadership within the Hydrocarbon Sector – A Global Analysis”,  SPE/APPEA International Conference on Health, Safety, and Environment in Oil and Gas Exploration and Production, The Perth International Convention Centre, PERTH, AUSTRALIA, 10th – 13th September, 2012

 Managing Critical Incidents in a School Based Environment”, Crisis Management Conference, The Association of School Business Administrators State Conference, The Country Club Resort, Prospect Vale, Launceston, Tasmania, AUSTRALIA, 1st – 2nd  August, 2012

Safety at the Sharp End: An analysis of the RMS Titanic disaster, and the Costa Concordia, with reflections toward an HRO cultural framework”,  Managing the Unexpected.  The 2nd  Annual South African Academy for Occupational Safety and Health Conference, Emperors Palace, Kempton Park, SOUTH AFRICA, 25th – 26th  April 2012

“The Tolerance of Risk: We should be scared, or should we?”,  The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) – Middle East Chapter, DAMMAM, SAUDI ARABIA 20th  September 2011

Leading the Way to Optimal Safety Performance”, A Global Developmental Workshop International Council of Mining and Metals, The One Great George Street, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, 24th  -25th  March 2011

Developing a Functional Safety Culture through High Reliability Operations”, Health & Safety: Cultivating High Reliability Organisations in Africa: South African Academy of Occupational Safety and Health, Southern Sun Grayston Hotel, SANDTON: JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA, 26th  – 27th  January 2011

The Development of The Transformational Safety Culture Improvement System and its application to safety improvement within the Petrochemical Sector”, XXVIII International Congress of Applied Psychology, MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, 11th – 16th  July 2010

Transformational Safety Leadership: It all comes home to South Africa – From Bass to Broadbent”, A Professional Development Workshop convened by Murray & Roberts Cementation, Lonmin Resources and the South African Chamber of Mines, Lonmin Game Farm, RUSTENBURG, SOUTH AFRICA, 23rd  September 2009

Situational Awareness and Collective Mindfulness: A powerful combination to address Human Error outcomes in South Africa”, The 6th Annual SAFEmap Africa Competency Based Safety Conference, JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA, 18th  September 2009

“Culture & Leadership:  An exothermic business transaction”.   TRANS-NET Professional Development Symposium, Corporate Training Centre, JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA, 17th  September 2009

“Developing an effective Safety Culture framework within a global business identity”, The  Vesuvius Asia Pacific Safety Symposia, The Sarjuna Resort, KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA, 4th – 7th  August 2009

Effective Safety  Leadership  –  Transforming  Safety  Leadership  within  High  Reliability Organisations”, The Total Safety Culture Conference, Amora Hotel, SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, 28th – 31st July 2009

“Oh !@#$!, Where did that come from”,   Keynote Address, Safety Institute of Australia Queensland Conference, Brisbane Conference and Exhibition Centre, BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA, June 18th  2009

Misdirection, misperception, and misunderstanding: An experiential journey through some of the “white noise” surrounding behavioural safety systems,”  2nd Annual BBS in Heavy Industries ASPAC Conference, Rendezvous Hotel, MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, 27th -28th   November 2008

 “Transformational Safety and Local Government: The Challenges of Transitional Environments,” The Workplace Health and Safety Conference 2008; The Times They Are A Changing, Local Government Association of Queensland, Gold Coast International Hotel, Surfers Paradise, Queensland, AUSTRALIA, 7th – 9th  May 2008

Transforming Safety on the Veldt: A safari through the land of safety leadership with special reference to the South African context?The SAFEmap Africa Competency Based Safety Symposium, Airport Sun International, Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA, 14th  September, 2007

Leading Lean: Transforming your Safety Culture within Manufacturing during the 21st Century?” The Association for Manufacturing Excellence –  Pacific Rim Conference, Sofitel Convention Centre, MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, 14th – 17th  August, 2007

Safety Culture, Employee Participation and Engagement “,    SAFEGUARD National Health and Safety Conference, Sky City Convention Centre, AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND, 30th April – 1st  May 2007

“What kind of Safety Leader are you?”, SAFEGUARD National Health and Safety Conference, Sky City Convention Centre, AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND, 30th April – 1st  May 2007

Transforming Safety – Beyond Behaviour and Towards Belief”, Keynote Address, New Zealand National Workplace Health & Safety Awards, Sky City Convention Centre, AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND, 1st  May 2007

Safety    Leadership    and    the    Cultural    Framework:    Breaking    Through    the    Glass Ceiling of Safety Performance”, Safety in Action 2007, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, 20th – 22nd  March 2007

Leading your business toward the Holy Grail:  A transformational exploration of how your leadership impacts safety performance”, The Safety Conference 2006, Sydney Olympic Centre, SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, 17th – 19th October 2006

Leading your Safety Culture toward Best Practice: Integrating the Transformational Safety Culture Improvement System within traditional BBS Programs”,  Safety in Action 2006, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, 16th – 18th   May 2006

Maximizing Safety Performance via Leadership Behaviours”, 28th International World Congress of Psychology, BEIJING, CHINA, 8th – 13th  August 2004

Leadership Styles and their Impact upon Safety Outcomes”, Transfield-Worley Best Practice Conference, ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA, 22nd – 23rd   March 2004

Managing Traumatic Incidents in the Workplace”, Futuresafe 2001, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA, 6th – 8th  June 2001

Critical Incident Stress Management in the Workplace”, Huntersafe 2001 – Managing Workplace Risk, Newcastle City Hall, NEWCASTLE, AUSTRALIA, 8th – 9th  March, 2001

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