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The Transformational Safety Survey History


The Transformational Safety Survey has been developed by David G. Broadbent of Strategic Management Systems Pty Ltd (An Australian Performance Company) after many years of providing direct injury management and occupational health and safety services to a wide range of organisations throughout the Asia-Pacific and beyond. Whilst David’s approach to injury management particularly has resulted in his Practice having the highest sustained Return to Work Rates within any global jurisdiction, David is also considered a leading thinker on the relationships between applied corporate leadership and safety outcomes. This unique approach culminated in David being invited to present this thoughts regarding the relationships between safety and leadership at the 28th International Congress of Psychology in Beijing, CHINA during 2004. The Transformational Safety Survey is borne from that thinking. To read a copy of “Maximising Safety Performance via Leadership Behaviours” just click on the title. 

About the Transformational Safety® Survey 

The Transformational Safety® Survey has a number of components which contribute to make it arguably the most effective safety culture analysis tool available to the market today. 

Part A of the Transformational Safety® Survey is a more traditional safety culture instrument.

It interrogates seventeen Safety Culture Constructs as displayed below. Transformational Safety® has developed a technology which allows for results to be mapped against the Safety-Plex. Such a visual representation of “performance” allows organisations (and their members) to quite intuitively understand where they “need to be” to maximize the development of an optimal positive safety culture.

Part A of the Transformational Safety® System is a fully researched and factor analysed safety culture instrument. For those that are inclined toward statistical validity the factor loadings can be provided upon request. Transformational Safety acknowledges the University of Loughborough’s school of Safety Science for developing Part A of the Transformational Safety® System and allowing us to incorporate it as a key component of the world’s only safety improvement system founded on Full Range Leadership Theory.

Part B is based upon the thinking of Joseph Rost, James McGregor Burns and the later developmental work of Professors Bernie Bass and Bruce Avolio. In this component of The Transformational Safety® System we build on the powerful work that has come before with a specific targeting of safety leadership behaviours. Part B has been developed around the authors own experience in applied safety management and observation of safety cultures, whilst also being synergistically related to the constructs developed by Professors Bass and Avolio, though with a powerful safety leadership focus.

Reporting of Part B also uses an exploded pie chart. Best practice balancing of the Transformational Safety® Leadership slices shall be explored by the Transformational Safety Consultant, taking into account a range of factors including context, hazard and risk profiles etc.

Part C of The Transformational Safety® System is a collection of unique safety specific items which are co-developed by the Transformational Safety® consultant and the customer. Numerous reporting techniques are available and they are customised to individual need.

The United States National Library of Medicine have published an excellent article exploring the value of implementing a Safety Culture Survey protocol within organizational settings. To read the 2023 article by Rob Bethune et al just click here.

“Most organizations operate in failure states and that just remains invisible because bad stuff is not happening. We might call that the ‘normalization of deviance’ and, make no mistake, it will kill.”

David G Broadbent

Safety Psychologist, Transformational Safety


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Ricky, Atlanta

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“I was fortunate to attend Transformational Safety’s Anatomies of Disaster Program. This was amongst the most powerful two days I have ever spent in a room. From the outset David Broadbent set the scene by dedicating the program to the late Rick Rescorla – the man who is credited with saving over 2700 lives on 9/11. Throughout the two days David would often respectively reflect and remember those who had died, or been injured, in the disasters we explored. He would say, and I will never forget, “…we must always remember those that lost their lives lift us up into the light of understanding”. I learnt so much. HRO, Resilience Engineering, Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) and more. Those of us who were there are still talking about it…… Thankyou David

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