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TransformationalSafety.Com is the world's leading provider of safety consulting services provided within the framework of the globally recognized transformational leadership models.

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The SAFE-T-START Card is a pocket reference card which is required to be carried by all employees. The purpose of the SAFE-T-START Card is to focus an employee on a range of issues relating to the work task about to be performed. Through the active and continued encouragement of the use of the SAFE-T-START Card, by all employees, we are aiming to minimize the use of the "auto-pilot" functions associated with occupational performance.

Why do we need to encourage the use of the SAFE-T-START Card?

Far to often employees go about doing a task just like they always have. What this can mean, quite often, is they pay little attention to a myriad of "things" that might be different from the last time. They just launch in to "tried and tested" work behaviours. That's good, as long as everything is static and there is no need to consider "change".


What we know about modern accident causation is that our relationship with job tasks is NEVER static. There is always something happening. For the most part, we get away with these changes by a sense of unconscious adaptation. The level and appropriateness of that "adaptation" may be impacted by experience etc. The dilemma here is for many the greater the level of experience the greater the level of "auto-pilot".

The SAFE-T-START Card takes the employee through a staged exploration of common hazards associated with a range of work tasks. TransformationalSafety.Com develops unique SAFE-T-START Cards for different areas of the workforce. For example the SAFE-T-START Card required by an Electrician might be quite different to what would be required for a Painter.

It is the back of the SAFE-T-START Card that walks the employee through a number of simple Hazard Identification exercises - and then focuses upon implementing appropriate control measures. By so doing we are actually intervening at the pre-behaviour stage. 



If we were to consider the traditional A-B-C framework of BBS, the SAFE-T-START Card intervenes at the Activator/Antecedent stage. By so doing it ensures that the subsequent behaviour is actually considered, rather than autonomic (auto-pilot).


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Thirty two years since Bhopal, thirty years since Chernobyl, twenty eight since Piper Alpha and what have we learned? 

Not much. After all, we have seen Texas City, Macondo, the Soma mine collapse, the Lac-Mégantic rail disaster, and the list just goes on - all in the last ten years or so. Clearly what we have been doing has not been working. 


The time has come to take some real responsibility, and put some science back into safety. The time has come to transform your safety culture. The cost of not doing anything shall be further death and injury.

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