Saturday, June 03, 2023
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TransformationalSafety.Com is the world's leading provider of safety consulting services provided within the framework of the globally recognized transformational leadership models.

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What are the SAFE-T-SOS Behavioural Technologies

The SAFE-T-SOS Behavioural Technologies are an integrated collection of psycho-behavioural tools which when properly implemented within a workplace go a long way toward optimizing the behavioural safety systems within a particular industrial environment.

Optimally the SAFE-T-SOS Behavioural Technologies are integrated within TransformationalSafety.Com's SAFE-T-NET Technologies. By taking advantage of the leverage of this delivery system we maximize employee engagement and focus all safety information/education/development within one primary portal.

The first thing to recognize is that the strategic tools utilized within the SAFE-T-SOS Behavioural Technologies Program at one workplace may appear somewhat different when you look at the tool-set provided within another workplace. That is as it should be. The SAFE-T-SOS Behavioural Technologies aim to identify those areas that shall require greater energy and develop a customized implementation and integration plan considering the unique needs of your workplace.

There is no real value to be gained by just automatically providing a BBS tool developed for a workplace in Europe and giving it to your plant in South America, China, India, or Australia. Hopefully you are thinking, "That makes sense, they are all different cultures". Allow me to suggest that even within countries we also have different sub-cultures operating. Allow me to further suggest that even within the same business we have different sub-cultures operating. You ignore these at your peril. Actually it is at somebody else's peril. They are the ones who are likely to be injured, or worse, due to a failure to recognize a century old tenet of very elemental cross-cultural psychology.

Below you can see a simple representation of the A-B-C Model upon which behavioural safety programs are based. If you would like to truly gain an understanding the tenets of BBS then I would recommend you review the excellent publication from the UK Health & Safety Executive.

ABC Model 

The SAFE-T-SOS Behavioural Technologies modules are stand-alone behavioural interventions, that when appropriately customized and implemented within a business, can exothermically produce significant step changes in safety performance.ABC Model Loop


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Thirty two years since Bhopal, thirty years since Chernobyl, twenty eight since Piper Alpha and what have we learned? 

Not much. After all, we have seen Texas City, Macondo, the Soma mine collapse, the Lac-Mégantic rail disaster, and the list just goes on - all in the last ten years or so. Clearly what we have been doing has not been working. 


The time has come to take some real responsibility, and put some science back into safety. The time has come to transform your safety culture. The cost of not doing anything shall be further death and injury.

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