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TransformationalSafety.Com is the world's leading provider of safety consulting services provided within the framework of the globally recognized transformational leadership models.

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1. What is Transformational Safety?
2. What is the Transformational Safety Survey?
3. How do we access the Transformational Safety Survey?
4. Why are there different levels of Accreditation?
5.  What does the Transformational Safety Survey measure?
6. How does it capture the architecture of safety culture?

7.     Is the Transformational Safety Survey reliable and valid?

britishhseexecPart A has been endorsed by the British Health and Safety Executive and principal components factor analysis has found it to measure what it says it measures. Statistical reliability of the Items contained within Part A has been demonstrated using industry standard tests of significance. Internal-scale reliability (or consistency) is applied to groups of items that are thought to measure different aspects of the same concept. This is important because a group of items that purports to measure one variable should be clearly focused on that variable and the accepted level for this statistic (Cronbach's alpha) is around 0.6. Cronbach's alpha results are shown below.  

 Factor Cronbach's Alpha
 Management commitment  0.845
 Priority of safety  0.722
 Communication  0.724
 Safety rules  0.715
 Supportive environment  0.616
 Involvement  0.705
 Personal priorities and need for safety      0.607
 Personal appreciation of risk  0.631
 Work environment  0.779

Part B of The Transformational Safety Survey has used a different approach to reliability knows as Alternate-Forms reliability. Alternate-form reliability involves comparing two different versions of the same measure in different ways. The items within Part B of the Transformational Safety Survey were developed post hoc to match the Transformational Safety leadership constructs. Face validity determination exceeded 0.85. Inter-rater reliability co-efficient exceeded 0.9.

The internal validity of the Transformational Safety Survey is arguably the most robust safety culture interrogation tool available anywhere in the world. This is a "big call" so how do we achieve this? Every administration of The Transformational Safety Culture Survey has built in to its structure an internal validity scale. What that means is that we are able to determine how well participants responded to the questions that they have been asked. We are able to use robust statistical techniques to ensure that respondents are "attending" to the Survey. Those who are clearly responding in a random or haphazard manner actually add no value to a clients safety journey. What we do then is firstly assess the validity of the overall response patterns of all respondents. Secondly, TransformationalSafety.Com is able to identify individual respondents who have been randomly responding. These particular respondents are then removed from the data set. By taking this assertive approach to statistical validity we ensure that the Transformational Safety Survey gives our clients the absolute maximum ability to adjudge the safety culture of their workforce. We need to be clear at this point. Removal of invalid response sets follows worlds best practice. In no way does this approach remove people who may have negative opinions about safety within their work environment. Indeed the opposite is true! By removing random responders the opinions of genuinely interested respondents is given the level of statistical importance that such deserves. For further information on this subject refer to the October 2006 Edition of Transforming Safety.

Part C of The Transformational Safety  Survey is created by TransformationalSafety.Com based upon the recommendations of the TransformationalSafety.Com accredited facilitator. There is no statistical validity associated with Part C, although the integration of a customised component allows the Transformational Safety Survey to go further than any other safety culture system available within the market today. It allows organisations to analyse specific reference data in regard to the particular needs of their business, without sacrificing, in any way, the integrity of the Transformational Safety Improvement System.

8. How is the Transformational Safety Survey delivered?
9. How long does it take to complete?
10. Can we benchmark between organisations?
11. Where else has it been used?
12. Can The Transformational Safety Survey be customised to our unique requirements? 


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globeThe World of Safety is truly becoming a smaller place. We regularly provide our unique and powerful safety services to clients throughout the global safety community. We look forward to serving you...


Thirty two years since Bhopal, thirty years since Chernobyl, twenty eight since Piper Alpha and what have we learned? 

Not much. After all, we have seen Texas City, Macondo, the Soma mine collapse, the Lac-Mégantic rail disaster, and the list just goes on - all in the last ten years or so. Clearly what we have been doing has not been working. 


The time has come to take some real responsibility, and put some science back into safety. The time has come to transform your safety culture. The cost of not doing anything shall be further death and injury.

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